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Totally Renee

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3/14/12 10:47 pm - dbzxenaman - Xena Monthly

Hello Fellow Xenites,

                                               I have a new art competition community, called Xena Monthly! It is different from other as this one has no teams, just individual artists.It is open anyone who wants in. This is open to any form of art from fan fiction to backgrounds. There are monthly challenges and anyone is free to enter or not, it is up to you. There will be mood theme challenges, fan fiction challenges, and basic icon/banner/background challenges and also poem contest. All ships, all characters. I have announced next month's theme as I like to give artist a whole month to come up with something. So grab your art brushes, and BATTLE ON!

Join Here: [info]xena_monthly

6/9/10 06:34 pm - erinmar13 - gabrielle fanmix

gabrielle's story in fanmix form.

( lyrics and download link )

6/4/10 01:06 pm - starspank - Xena Icon Dump!!

56 Xena: Warrior Princess Icons:
29 - Xena
20 - X&G
06 - Gabrielle
01 - Ephiny


54  49 44 40 29

See the rest here @ my graphics commharbingrofdeath 

5/18/10 06:35 pm - emsen - 27 icons

In this post
- Xena Warrior Princess (1-25)
- Spartacus blood and sand (26-27)

HERE @ breeze_of_life

5/10/10 01:02 am - emsen - 20 icons

In this post
- Xena Warrior Princess (1-20)

HERE @ breeze_of_life

5/9/10 02:57 am - emsen - Xena icon collab

In this post
Xena Warrior Princess - When fates collide (20)


HERE @ breeze_of_life

4/27/10 01:15 pm - emsen - 11 icons

In this post
- Xena Warrior Princess (1-8)
- Home and Away (9-11)

HERE @ breeze_of_life

2/28/10 04:33 pm - emsen - The Flawless one

In this post
- Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor animated icons (1-2)
- Lucy Lawless animated icons (3-15)

HERE @ emsen

2/22/10 12:16 am - emsen - Addicted to animations

Yes I know I have a stupid addiction and it's called animations. I just really can't stop
and I wanna try new things all the time. So in the future you will see a lot of animated
icons from me in various fandoms. All of them will be within LJ standard and I would love
to take requests as well. So if you want something special, give me a shout and I will do
it for you.

In this post
- Xena Warrior princess animated icons (1-24)

HERE @ emsen

2/20/10 03:25 am - emsen - LJ friendly animations!

Finally I learned how to do it!
I learned how to do LJ friendly animations, yay for me!
Anyway the first 5 are LJ friendly and use them if you like, the other 8, is not LJ friendly.

In this post
- Xena Warrior princess LJ friendly animations (1-5)
- Xena Warrior princess NOT LJ friendly animations (6-13)

HERE @ emsen
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